“You are special”

You at least heard that once while you were growing up either from your foster parents or someone you were close to. It sounded so stupid back then but they were right…but so wrong. You are different than most people, some consider it a blessing, some consider it a curse. Yet you can not control it the way you want.

Whatever the reason you have left the life you grew up in behind. Maybe it was because it was holding you back? Maybe this “gift” hurt people you cared so deeply about? You have been going from place to place doing what you can to get by. Things do see up for you though. The city of Arcadia is a good place to go next. The motel rooms are cheap and they don’t do background checks often.

The Glass Bar stool is a decent bar. Perhaps your working there as a bartender, or waitstaff. Maybe getting a drink before going to the clubs that are in the town. Or maybe even trying to con that business person out of their 401k . Either way it’s time to move on. There is something more out there.

it’s time to pick up the shards

Shards of the past is a world of darkness role play based upon ideas taken from television shows and literature. Characters can either play characters from werewolf the forsaken, vampire the requiem,changeling the lost. With some edits done to the system the game play will be intense and fun making characters use all of their know how and skills to survive.

Shards of the lost

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