Tag: Light Fae


  • The Ash "Steve"

    The Ash, also called Steve for some odd reason is the leader of the light fae. His status among fae has been in decline as of late. Some find him weak when instead he is actually quiet powerful and plotting for some evil he foresees in the future. He uses …

  • Leito Wordsly

    Leito is the Seneschal for the Ash. He plans his schedule and is also sent to deliver messages for the Ash. He is quiet and is always optimistic.

  • Silva Page

    Silva is the light/sun fae librarian. She spends most of her time in the Ash's library and vault. She also owns a book store called page's books. The store has a small siting area with a variety of teas that can be brewed at your request and cats....lots …