Shards of the lost

Shards of the lost the premier.

The night starts off at the glass bar stool a bar in Arcadia that isn’t trashy as ground zero or coaches but a bit more classy than juniors. The group starts of the night siting around the bar having a few drinks. Lagi is a bouncer for the bar but he was siting around having a few drinks to, even though that might not be bar policy but the bartender did not seem to care as she was busy flirting with one of the group “insert goat’s character here”

A group of 3 degenerates comes into the bar and sits by the back wall having a few drinks and whispering among themselves. One of the two natured heard them say “hopefully we will make some money tonight.” that didn’t phase him and he went back to drinking.

The night continued to go on with glasses accumulating by the sink as the bar tender was to busy flirting with a changeling when the degenerates pull pistols out and threaten the group. Suddenly that was when things went weird. An orb of light formed in the room and blinded the gun wielding gang punks after they had gotten a few shots out. Two giant werewolves popped out of no where and started to slash the attackers with their claws while a woman grew fangs and started to pummel the bandits with a pool cue. All the time the bartender is hiding and being comforted by a man that she slaps in the face.

The crack whore of the gang group had her throat ripped out and the other gang members became really sad and depressed giving up fighting as they cradled the dead woman. The group however did not show mercy slashing them with their claws and draining them of their blood. The sound of police sirens filled the air and the group drove off in the flirtatious mans suv.

Going back to a very shabby studio effenciy apartment the group caught some sleep a bit confused about who they all were. The next morning they woke up to the smell of coffee and the tv news saying that the glass bar stool had burned down because of an electrical fire. A knock was heard at the door and the door was opened showing Leito Wordsly who proceeded to ask them questions about the night before. The group kept trying to work their way around the questions they were asking but Leito is good at picking up lies. Looking at his watch he put on a pair of sunglasses before flash bangs descended from the ceiling.

The group awoke in the back of a van with hoods over their faces. They were pulled out and hand cuffed and were asked questions by a tall black man with a deep voice. The man kept asking them what side they were and kept speaking about breaking the rules and exposing them. Lagi kept being a smart ass and the man put out his hand causing the two natured to be unable to breath. A woman entered in later and looked over the group saying that they were not part of hers. It was at this time that the two people realized something was odd.

The two introduced themselves as The Ash “Steve” andMorrĂ­gan of the olive branch. The two began to explain that there were sides for the Fae that included werewolves and vampires as well, the Light/sun Fae and the Dark/Moon fae Everyone had to choose a side or else face the wrath of the leaders as Unaligned fae are not something that is supposed to be tolerated. The two decided to only way to solve this was the gauntlet to see if they even are able to live to join the fae

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